Meet The Team

Meetings around here are pretty pawesome.


Alias: Otter Pawp
Favorite Snack: Kevin
Favorite Human: Courtney
Favorite Toy: Green Squeeky Iguana
Best Friend: Tessie
Specialty: Biting bad guys
Certifications: Svalinn bred and raised
Follow Me: @otter_pawp


Alias: Boo
Favorite Snack:
Dishwasher crumbs
Favorite Human:
Favorite Toy:
His Larry (yes, he has a toy with his name)
Best Friend:
Chasing lights
Expert swimmer and certified heart-breaker.


Alias: Molly Mae
Favorite Snack: Sweet potatoes
Favorite Human: Anyone on her couch
Favorite Toy: She's too cool for toys
Best Friend: Bobbi Jo
Specialty: Barking at the pool guy and alerting to Amazon deliveries.
Certifications: Rattlesnake Alerting


Alias: Daisy Girl
Favorite Snack: Anything off the table
Favorite Human: Used to be mom until the new hairless dog human was born. Now it’s dad for sure.
Favorite Toy: Frisbee or Volleyball
Best Friend: Mom!
Specialty: Fetching a Frisbee
Certifications: The Boss of Other Dogs


Alias: Used to be a “mean” dog
Favorite Snack: Peanut butter
Favorite Human: Was mama, now it’s dad.
Favorite Toy: The tennis ball
Best Friend: Little brother Wesley
Specialty: Eating
Certifications: Home Security System (Barking)


Alias: Finley Rue, PrEtTy GiRL
Favorite Snack: Bully sticks
Favorite Human: I love mom and dad equally but dad thinks it’s him.
Favorite Toy: My glow in the dark ball. Where is that thing…
Best Friend: My brother Charlie Pickles
Specialty: Fetch and Keep-Away
Certifications: The Zoomies
Follow Me: @finleyruetheminidood